Adira originated with an aspiration to create a conscious, sustainable brand that empowers women and provokes a feeling of divulging into finer experiences of life. The brand name is inspired by the Maltese sea and means strong, noble and powerful. Adira aims to produce innovative, premium quality fashion with an ethical purpose to cater to women who desire stylish and empowering feels.

We are committed to creating environmentally conscious products, in order to reduce our carbon footprint and protect our planet. 

We believe in the ideology of slow fashion – a sustainable and ethical way of living. The look and feel of our products differ from the mass produced, lower-priced dispensable options commonly available in stores.

Adira aspires to become one of the quintessential suppliers in the female premium brand segment, by catering to women who desire premium quality items, with modern and empowering designs - whilst remaining true to the roots of sustainability and innovation .. welcome to ADIRA !

Love, Kristina.
Founder and creator of Adira