COVID-19 Shipping Updates

Delays are to be expected. Our carriers have informed us of delays due to record-breaking e-commerce orders, COVID-19 closures and safety concerns, as well as weather events. Your order may be impacted by these delays if the shipping is outside of Europe, including the UK

All orders outside of Europe may experience a delay due to high demand and restrictions posed by COVID-19. All orders over €20 EUR may be automatically required to go through a customs clearance processing.

When you place your order you will be notified with your order confirmation within 15 minutes. If you did not receive an order confirmation please email us,

When your order has been shipped you will receive a second email with your shipping notification via email provided within 4-7 business days from placing your order. Business days do not count as holidays and or weekends.

Expect delays in shipping during this time. Malta Post and DHL can no longer guarantee regular or on-time shipping estimates given the current global situation as they accommodate the increased service demands.

If your order is in transit:
Kindly note that your package may be held by the carrier for delivery at a later date due to the world circumstances beyond their control as carriers quarantine some packages. There may not be updated tracking events for you to check on until your parcel is Out for Delivery.

There is nothing more to do from your part, they're taking good care of your order!

The good news — your order is not expected to be late but this is just a precautionary step we need to take to inform you of the current global situation and possibility of expected delays.

A HUGE thank you in advance for your patience !

Our Prevention Policy for COVID-19

We are aware of proper hand washing protocol, work areas are cleaned prior to shipping each package and cleaned at the end of each day.

As always, Adira remains available if you have further questions!

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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